Sacramento Kings Call Out NBA 2K21 For Inaccurate Rookie Render

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The price of becoming one of the most popular video games in the world is that the highlights of success are not always kind. NBA 2K has a huge franchise, with thousands of players around the world, and the game should maintain a high standard. Criticizing several layers of the game, one of the most common areas of criticism is the accuracy of player rendering because of the lack of accuracy of their first-round pick Tyrese Haliburton. You can Buy NBA 2K21 MT here and then return to the game to buy more powerful players.

This is the official tweet of the Sacramento Kings: Haliburton is a rookie, it is possible that you may not be fully familiar with his face, but NBA 2K21 on PS5 shows that he has some obvious problems . The most important one is skin complexion. This is a common problem with 2K, especially this year. The newly rendered player becomes darker. This is the case with Haliburton, because his 2K colors are at least three shades darker than in real life. His eyes also seemed too wide. Since the two generations of consoles released games, 2K has been updating the similarity of players. Obviously, they didn't enter the Kings like another rookie, and Jahmi's Ramsey's rendering was not accurate.

Ramsey rendering was created using in-game tools. Considering the obvious limitations of the creation kit, this is a pretty good effort, but for visual authenticity, this is not what fans expect, especially on next-generation consoles. . Haliburton was not scanned, but he seems to have been created by an artist, but maybe they don't have good reference pictures-it seems that the king is referring-or the rendering is too dark.

Although 2K is not a small company worthy of sympathy, it is important to realize that they cannot scan most of the rookies, and that the same is true for players in the NBA bubble in the time traditionally dealing with the field. This pandemic has almost eliminated their chances of contact with players, and some people say that 2K is taking other approaches to scan players during the offseason. Hope they can improve the more inaccurate rendering and resolve various bugs that damage MyNBA and online games immediately. Finally, if you want to buy NBA 2K21 MT, please visit the safe and reliable GameMS.