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Judging from the patch list announced by Path of Exile, it is enough to excite players for a long time. It has improved many parts of the game, which all can attribute to the unremitting efforts of the developers. The hardship of 2020 has passed. In this week, the game team will complete the change between the Heist Flashback Event and the 3.13 extended information conference. Especially newcomers who have just entered Path of Exile for a short time, they should use this short time to earn some POE Currency.

After about 20,000 game changes sorted out for each patch, the developers need to decide which is the most important one. Then they have to turn these programs into game content that allows players to understand thoroughly, which is a very painful process and a process that makes them very fulfilling. Besides these, they also need to check whether the word input is wrong and whether there are any errors in other minor details. It can be said that they are the people who give everything for the long-term development of Path of Exile.

The next update is likely to be released in the middle of this month. It is not yet certain whether it will be before or after the POE 3.13 expansion is released. GGG has announced their timetable for this month in the official forum of POE. Players can formulate their own development strategies based on this. For those players who want to achieve greater achievements, they need to work harder, otherwise they are easily surpassed by others.

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