The excellent Heist Build can help players a lot

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Almost every POE player knows that Path of Exile’s achievements today cannot achieve without the efforts of the development team and the excellent mechanics of the game itself. Every league of POE has a very good Build for players to use, the same situation also exists in the latest Heist league. Many players have achieved remarkable results by using an enormous amount of POE Currency and matching with a reasonable Build.

Take Aurastacking Ethereal Knives as an example here. It is almost one of the most powerful and most used mechanisms since POE self-published. Players only need to pay attention to their magic reserve every time they cast a skill to increase the ability value of the equipment. Fortunately, clustered jewels can provide a halo effect, and both items and jewels can provide mana reserves. The goal is to use as many auras as possible to help support any skill. Most players choose Ethereal Knives because of its quick removal speed.

The best improvement of this building is that the Necromancer increases the attack speed and casting speed of each aura, the Guardian improves the survivability, and the Ascender combines the characteristics of the Necromancer and the Guardian. No matter which way you choose, this version is one of the cruelest and highest DPS versions in the game. Unfortunately, this build requires 50 to 100 Exalts to start. If the player can fund the construction, the preparation is almost unstoppable.

To be honest, as long as players can master any excellent Build in POE, it is enough to occupy a certain advantage in the game. It’s not that the more powerful Build is more suitable for players. It mainly depends on their own proficiency with Build and whether they conform to their own game habits. If players want to play better, they can also create more advantages for themselves by Buy POE Currency or POE Chaos Orb. Exiles, it's time to come on.